As one comes to an end, another begins!

So close to finished! Should post completed pics tomorrow…

Binding Detail

And on to the next! The steady stream of friends having babies continues… next up, a boy!

Baby Boy quilt top on design wall

Simple squares looking a bit messy on my design wall.

9 thoughts on “As one comes to an end, another begins!

  1. Elizabeth

    It’s crazy isn’t it? My friends wont stop having babies either! (And I’m also working on a baby boy quilt with the 2D Zoo!) Your almost-finished quilt with printed binding and your WIP baby quilt both look great!

  2. Ashley

    The new quilt looks great! I’m jealous of your fabric – I haven’t been able to get any of that older Heather Ross in the blue colors… I like the argyle mixed in (I do love that fabric!)

  3. Dallas

    I like the blue fabrics you chose and I look forward to seeing it done. I’m considering a similar simple square pattern for some vintage sheet fabric I have collected.


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