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Thank Yous All Around

My mailbox has been making me oh so happy this week. It’s like Christmas has come a bit early here at my place!  I have recently won a couple of giveaways and just generally experienced the generosity of this crafting bloggy world.  You are all so nice and so giving!!

I’ll start with a beautiful bit of fabric that I won over at Bee Square Fabric.  I love how lively this wonderful Garden Pop is! Thank you Diane!!

Pop Garden

The other day, I had a bit of an email back and forth with Elizabeth from Oh, Fransson! about our absolute adoration of Erin Michaels, new line Lush (have you SEEN it?!? If not – seriously, check it out), which led to my mentioning that I also love her first line, Uptown.  Elizabeth then offered to send me some scraps of the line.  Yes, please!! Thank you Elizabeth! Oh my goodness just take a peek:


Some if this is pretty certain to end up in the aqua & red mini quilt I’m going to make for Katie!

Next up, something I’ve been wanting for a while! I won a Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton Sample Card from True Up.   I’m certain to reference it endlessly and I’m so happy to now be able to order solids online.  I often need to SEE solids to match them to various patterned fabrics, so it’s a thrill to have this. Thank you Kim!

Kona Card

And last, but certainly ANYTHING BUT least, I won a giveaway from Dallas over at For The Journey.  Would you please feast your eyes on this amazingly generous quantity of vintage sheets?!?

Vintage Sheets

Thank you Dallas!! I am in love with so many of them and I just can’t wait to tackle making them into a beautiful quilt. I’m going to love the challenge of mixing and matching all of these in with new fabrics as well. What fun!! Here’s a few of my favorites:

Vintage Sheets Detail

Now I need to really get cracking on a number of Christmas gifts… I just finished up on a freelance job so I’m beyond excited to now have lots of time to sew sew sew and tend to this here little blog.

Hope that you are all starting to feel the holiday spirit. I certainly am! With a community as generous as all of you, how could I not?!?

Less sewing, more loot!

Work has really diminished my time at the sewing machine. I’m finding myself not at all wanting to sew once I’m home in the evening, so mostly I’ve just been getting a bit done on the weekends.  But that hasn’t stopped me from getting some new stuff!  Prepare for a photo heavy run down of it all!

Jacquie won a recent give away at See Katie Sew that she had learned about from my blog.  As a thank you she sent me a bit of fabric:

Gift from Jacquie

I love it! Really so nice of her!! Thanks again Jacquie!

I also won a $10 gift card to Wish Apon a Quilt through the Fab Shop Hop.  I spent waaaay too much time on it one evening a couple of months ago but it paid off!  Proof:

New Fabric

And continuing to brighten my week, filled with really good mail, were my Spare Change swap fabric squares! I couldn’t be happier with them… Bold and colorful and of all 24 squares, I already have the fabric of only 1 of them.  I’m thrilled.  Going to have to come up with something fun to make with them.

Spare Change Swap

I also picked up this magazine and I like it!  Loads of stuff in it that I want to try.


Lastly, I spend a couple of hours today at:

Felt Club

While I felt that overall there wasn’t that much diversity in the stuff that was there, (I love me some food plushies – but the fifth sighting was less exciting than the first four) there were lots and lots of beautiful things to look at and enjoy.  I was pretty frugal and just got some beautiful earrings and and some new Sublime Stitching patterns.

Felt Club buys

And that concludes my new loot wrap up!

A problem.

I have a fabric problem. I’m completely addicted. And you know the addiction runs very deep when you’re on a buying ban, and you still manage to get a fix!

Exibit A:

Fabric Score!

A good friend of mine was helping someone move who needed to get rid of two big garbage bags of fabric. Umm.. yes please!! And this was only some it!

Exibit B:

Pretty Fabric

Cate, my sister, wanted to buy me a gift for doing a lot of sewing for her new house… There’s only one thing I want. More fabric!

I mean these Alexander Henry birdies?!? C’mon!


I hope everyone has a great weekend. I’m going to be relishing my time this in the days to come as it looks like I may have (finally) lined up some work and will soon have much less time to sew. Working freelance is great in that it allows for full time sewing spurts, but it can be baaaad for the piggy bank. And working means being able to buy more fabric… why does it always come back to fabric??


When you start a day off with the mail delivering this how can you go wrong? Had to get some more of the wonderful Katie Jump Rope (and more) for a commissioned quilt and magically some other lovely (mostly pink) fabric snuck into the order… how did that happen?!?

New Fabric!

I’m making lots of progress here… Just have to hand stitch down the binding now!

What A Bunch of Squares being quiltedWhat A Bunch of Squares Progress

I just realized that the fabric I mentioned is designed by Denyse Schmidt, and the pattern of this quilt is too.  Gee – think I’m a fan??

And to wrap up this post, I’d just like to say how wonderful this whole community is. I know that this is not news, but I started my blog so recently and to have so many lovely people say such nice things to me right off the bat is really so so wonderful. It makes me happy! So thank you!!

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