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Land & Sea Quilt, all finished!

I’ve decided to call it the Land & Sea Quilt because it’s got lots of things from land (flowers, birdies) and sea (mermaids and erm…giant squid!) in it. Couldn’t think of a better name, so I settled on that.

Land & Sea Quilt

Land & Sea Quilt

It is BIG. 88″ x 100″. Queen sized for sure and the biggest quilt I’ve made.

Land & Sea Quilt - Angle

I think that the Alexander Henry birds pop oddly in this next photo of the back, but in person, I really like the choice. Plus I was out of white fabric and determined not to go buy any!

Land & Sea Quilt - Back

And just a couple more photos because my sister Cate (who the quilt is for! Happy housewarming!) loaned me her killer fancy camera and now I want it. It takes photos that are so much better than the ones my camera takes.

Land & Sea Quilt - Close up

Land & Sea Quilt - Binding

Pink & Green quilts for some twin baby girls!

I finished up the set for my friend who is expecting twin girls.  She told me that she’s doing her nursery in greens & tans, but I can’t resist pink!  I figured this way, they will match but add a fun pop of pink.  To my knowledge, my friend doesn’t know about my blog, so here’s hopin’ it’s still true!

I used the same fabrics in both quilts, but one is simple squares and the other is a zigzag quilt.  I had fun making them both, but it’s official that I just don’t like working with triangles as much as squares.  I’m just a squares kinda girl I guess!

Pink & Green Squares Baby quilt

In looking at this next photo, I’m made highly away of the fact that I could be a bit more of a perfectionist in my quilting… I need to work on that. Just a tad more diligence and this line wouldn’t look so stupidly wonky.  I generally like wonky, but this was unintended wonk…

Pink & Green Squares Back

And the zigzag!

Pink & Green Zig Zag Quilt

I broke a few needles quilting these triangles… how does one make the bump of layers where all of the triangles meet, thinner? Is there a trick or tip I don’t know?

Pink & Green Zig Zag - Back

And a couple of close ups:

Pinks & Green Squares - detail

Pink & Green Zig Zag quilt back detail

And on a completely different, yet quilt related, note this is so great!

Birds & Blooms baby quilt all finished!

Got this fun and bright baby quilt all finished up!

Birds & Blooms baby quilt

Settled on the name “Birds & Blooms” for it, but I’ll have to make another quilt with birds & flowers so that the name “Flowers & Fowl” is used.

Along with the new sewing room, I have a design wall and a new place to take photos of a finished quilt. I need to get the lighting sorted out more, but it’s already better the past situation: spread out on the bed where it was really tough for me to get a wide shot.

Birds & Blooms baby quilt back

And a couple of individual blocks close up…

Birds & Blooms baby quilt detail

Birds & Blooms baby quilt all folded up!

I finished the Stacked Coin Quilt!

Here it is!  All finished! There’s nothing like pulling a finished quilt out of the dryer and finally getting to see it in its fully crinkled glory.

Stacked Coin Quilt

It’s the biggest quilt I’ve free motioned.  I luckily don’t seem to have that many struggles with shoving a big ol’ quilt around in my sewing machine.  Maybe I just don’t know better, but I seem to manage alright.  I don’t roll the quilt (much) but I bunch and shove it all over the place.

Stacked Coin Quilt - Detail

This quilt was based on my Gender Neutral Baby Quilt but full sized, and the color scheme is similar, but somewhat more “adult”. I’m happy with the results and I hope its owner will be too!!

And three fun log cabin blocks for the back!

Stacked Coin Quilt - Back

Stacked Coin Quilt - Back Detail

What a Bunch of Squares Baby Quilt

I got this one all finished up and washed!

What a Bunch of Squares Baby Quilt - Both Sides

What a Bunch of Squares Baby Quilt

What a Bunch of Squares Baby Quilt - Back

Meandering free motion quilting + a quick wash and dry = crinkly goodness!!

What a Bunch of Squares Baby quilt - Detail

It came out much better than I had initially anticipated so I’m really happy about that.  It’s the Denyse Schmidt pattern but I made fewer blocks that measured 15″ square, so it now measures about 45″ x 60″.

What fun it is to make blocks without really worrying about perfectly measuring and cutting.  As long as they were vaguely the right size, and there was variety among them, they were “right”!  Then framed them all in white and I was done with the top!  Quick and easy and FUN!

Gender Neutral Baby Quilt

I know that I mentioned this quilt in my first post, but I thought that I’d post more specifically about it.  People seem to have reacted well to it, so here are some of my thoughts on how I came up with it.

I was very influenced by all of the wonderful stacked coin, or chinese coin quilts that are on flickr.  Like this one, and this one.  So simple and modern and beautiful!

From there, the parents had requested light green, so I had that as a jumping off point.  I went with colors that I felt really are not specifically boy or girl-ish.  As much as I love to use loads of pinks, to me, the instant that there is even a little pink in a quilt, it becomes girly.  That and bold florals.  I feel like a Dad looking as a quilt with loads of flowers in it just won’t think it’s right for his baby boy.  Granted, there are exceptions to everything, but this is my thinking…  Add that all up, (plus lots of fussy cutting of Heather Ross‘ amazingly fun and whimsical fabrics) and you get this result!

Gender Neutral Baby Quilt

Gender Neutral Baby Quilt Back

Gender Neutral Baby Quilt Close Up

Gender Neutral Baby Quilt Back Close Up

Gender Neutral Baby Quilt All Folded Up

Update: A few people have asked about the measurements of this quilt… it’s 45″ x 60″. The columns are 6″ wide and all of the sashing and the border are 4″ wide.

Pink Squares in Squares Baby Quilt

I finished this quilt yesterday and tomorrow I’m off to the shower where it will be given as a gift.  I’m super happy with how it came out.  Pink and baby, yet with wonderful fabrics and not too cutesy…

Hopefully the parents love it as much as I do.  Do any of you struggle with giving away your quilts??  I find that the initial idea of letting it go can be tough, but then I realized that once I finish a quilt and put it away so that the cats can’t roll around on it and get it dirty, I only look at the photos of it anyhow.  So I figure, I still can!  Plus nothing makes me happier than getting photos of babies layin’ around on one of my quilts!

My first blog post! Am I behind the curve or what?!?

After months of a serious flickr addiction, I’ve decided to take the plunge into blogland. I realized recently that I’m probably one of very few crafters on flickr who’s SO invovled and doesn’t have a blog.  Time to change that!  Not sure how much I’ll post – and it’s certain to go in waves depending on my work schedule, but here I am!  I find that the more I document my crafting, the more in detail I want to be so this definitely serves that purpose.

So for my first post, I figure I’ll post pics of the quilts I’ve finished in the past.  There’s ten of ‘em so prep yourself for photos!  If you want to see more details there are loads of photos at:

From looking at all of these photos together, (they are here from newest to oldest) I can clearly see the progression that my quilting taste and design has taken… I have fallen in love with loads of white in my quilts.  While I realize it’s not practical, I don’t care! It’s beautiful!  Also, I have thought a lot about the balance of solids vs. patterned fabrics in my quilts.  Tends to be that the solids are white, but I’m trying to consciously branch out from that a bit.  We’ll see how that goes!

Anyhow, all of my past quilts:

This is the first quilt that I had to make while not knowing the baby’s gender.  It was a new challenge for me but I really enjoyed it and think that this quilt really works for either a boy or a girl!

These quilts were made for good friends of ours who had twin boys.  I love the idea of making quilts that were some how matching, but not too similar.  I think that using log cabin blocks, but in different styles, and also using lots of the same blue and brown fabrics made that work.  Also having the same fun junglescape on the back really tied them together!

This was a fun simple quilt that I made for my husband’s cousin.  Clearly for their baby girl!  It was my first attempt at free motion quilting which I’ve since become addicted to!

This Flying Geese quilt (from the Denyse Schmidt pattern) is my one and only full sized quilt.  Let me tell you, while I love the results, jamming a huge quilt through your sewing machine isn’t as much fun as a lil’ baby quilt!  Though now that I’m doing more free motion quilting and am less concerned with straight lines, it might easier.

This quilt was also for a baby girl!  The lovely Bento Box pattern.  Had I known the results (and relative ease) of wonderful free motion quilting back then I would have quilted it that way, but I didn’t yet dare!

I made myself this lap quilt for my couch.  It’s much duller in the wide photos than it actually is so I included a photos that shows its nice colors!

Next we have a small baby sized version of Denyse Schmidt’s Hop, Skip & a Jump quilt.  Clearly my ability to take a good photo of my quilts has improved.  These photos are lousy!   This quilt is really small and I wish it were a bit bigger… Also, this was when I realized just how much white fabrics make your lovely bold patterns pop!

This was my second quilt and eh… I like the back (white!) but the front isn’t so exciting to me.  I was learning though!  The recipents really liked it and that’s what matters!

And lastly – my very first quilt!  Triangles (I’m much more into squares now) and no white.  Not at all what I’m drawn to anymore but I will always love pink & brown together, and I think that I already had a good sense of my taste in balancing solids and patterns.

I did the binding all wrong on this as well!  Oh well, I’ve learned a lot making these ten quilts.  And this one was the beginning of my real love of sewing, and particularly quilting.

Anyhow, welcome to my blog!

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