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Finishing one and starting another!

Almost done here… just the binding left.

Blue&Green&Yellow quilting detail

What will I do when I run out of Heather Ross dogs?? I love them so. Good thing I just bought more in dark yellow & orange because you can’t find the blue anymore…

My mother requested a quilt and sent me loads of fabric to make it with. I love the challenge of working with the fabrics you’re given, while keeping your personal style in the quilt.

Here’s the fabrics I’m going to be using… I love the colors but wouldn’t have picked them myself so I’m excited for this one. Also a lot more solids than I usually work with so that will be really fun too.

Next Quilt

I’m thinking more improv pieced blocks with off white sashing. Kinda like these, but not as loud because I won’t be using nearly as many patterned fabrics… I’m going to get started soon! Maybe even today!

Progress and a new project!

I’ve decided that the winter-y blocks I started a bit ago will make up the quilt that will be my project for Project Improv. Progress is being made!

My Project Improv Quilt

All of the blocks were improvisationally pieced and I love the process.  I’m pretty sure I’m going to make this into a king sized quilt so there’s still a bunch of blocks to go… Anyone ever quilted a king in their sewing machine?? I’m sure it’s going to be an adventure.  I’ve managed a queen, so but this one will be even bigger…

After framing all the blocks in white, the resulting pile of scraps

White Scraps

got me thinking about this quilt. Perhaps a way to use them up?

I’m also all done with a pretty quilt top for a commissioned baby quilt.


I do enjoy the challenge of working with a requested color scheme. My “go to” colors are always orange and pink so it’s fun stretch myself when I have to stay away from them.

Blue&Green&Yellow Detail

What colors do you find yourself always turning to?

Some blocks for Project Improv

I mentioned Project Improv previously.  One of the only required things you have to do to be involved is to make one “log cabin-ish” quilt block.  All the blocks made are going to be assembled into quilts that will be donated to charity.

We were supposed to pick one colors scheme and I went with pink & orange.  But I found, as I was digging through my scraps, that I have scraps for all three options, so why not make three blocks?

The scraps all ready to be tuned into something pretty!

Three piles of scraps

And what they became!

Project Improv blocks

I realized a few things while making these blocks. 1) I love me some fussy cutting. 2) I don’t have nearly as many cool colored fabrics as I do warm. And 3) making blocks on the fly like this, with no pattern or measuring, is where I’m most at ease. I simply love to make wonky log cabins like this and it’s 100% in my comfort zone. That means that I’m not pushing myself to grow at all with these blocks. I need to figure out what that next step in improv piecing means for me… Hmm…

Wintery Blocks.

Here in LA it almost never feels like winter, but a bit of cooler weather (a low of 45 degrees! gasp!) has inspired me to make some blocks in what I think of as winter-ish colors. Orange probably isn’t but oh well. I can’t help it. I’m continually obsessed with orange.

I have been leisurely making the blocks my favorite way. One at a time, with no concern for straight lines or what size they end up…I’ll frame them all in white in the end. I just eyeball it the whole time and I do so enjoy it. It’s so much fun to just look at all of the fabrics and mix and match and enjoy the process.

But am I making blocks for one quilt?

Mixed Up

Or two quilts?


I’m thinking one, but I’m going to have to make some more blocks before I’m completely sure. And maybe some changes…

Actually got some sewing done!

Hope that you all had a lovely Thanksgiving!! How nice to have a long weekend in which I was able to get some real sewing done.

Baby girl quilt top

Got the top done and even managed to get it quilted!

Quilting Baby girl quilt top

I’m thinking a red binding because the dark red pops so much and framing it in that same color would balance it a bit. But would that make it too Christmas-y? That’s not the goal as it’s a baby girl quilt that will be given after the holidays… Hmm… Maybe pink is the way to go? What do you think?

Some weekend sewing…

For the first time in I can’t remember how long, I actually have more than one quilt going at a time! Mostly that means that I’m working on blocks for more than one quilt. First of all, I got this top all finished. I need to run to the store for some solids before I get to the back.

Charity Quilt top

I have two cats. Notice that it’s always the same cat in the way of my pics… She’s clearly more interested in my sewing than the other.

And I’ve gotten some blocks going for two different quilts. First from the fabrics I had pulled:

Fall quilt blocks

Fall comes very, very late here in LA so it’s taken me a while to feel inspired by these colors but I finally have been! This is my absolute favorite way to make blocks. Just mix and match fabric and make the blocks one at a time with little regard for cutting and measuring. It feels so free and easy and like you can really take your time just enjoying the fabric and the design process. We’ll see what these turn into but I’ll be enjoying it meanwhile!

And lastly, I got started on some simple blocks for a new baby girl quilt. Some relatively traditional parents for this one so I’m not going to be too wild or out there. So far it’s kinda boring to me but I’ll mix and match the fabric with the rest of the blocks so hopefully it will liven up a bit.

Nicky & Bob's quilt blocks

Lastly a question for you avid quilters out there… I’ve decided that it’s time to buy both batting (Warm & Natural) and ivory solid fabric (Kona cotton) in bulk. Anyone have an suggestions on where to get it, other than Joann’s with my 40% off coupon? Thanks!

Hope everyone has a great week!

Back to quilting!

And now that the political event of our lifetime is over, time to get back to chatting about making quilts!

I was contacted about making a quilt for a silent auction that raises funds for the Avon walk. The woman who contact me donated a bunch of 5″ squares (the pink ribbons fabric) so I used that fabric as a jumping off point. I have been loving the simple squares, and since the 5″ squares were already cut, I though, why not another??

I’m almost done with the top – it will be a lap quilt in the end:

Charity quilt top progress

Charity Quilt top progress close up

And I’ve pulled fabrics for the next. I’m going to try to stretch the color scheme I am usually drawn to but I still can’t stay away from orange!

The next quilt


With a job having started up, I’m needing to find a new balance to find time for sewing. All day, every day isn’t possible anymore and boy do I miss it. I’m just going to have to get used to a slower pace of progress on things.

Just have to bind this and it’s all done!

Baby Boy Quilt Close up

And I’m popping these in the mail for the Spare Change Swap. Can’t wait to see what I get back!

Spare Change Squares

As one comes to an end, another begins!

So close to finished! Should post completed pics tomorrow…

Binding Detail

And on to the next! The steady stream of friends having babies continues… next up, a boy!

Baby Boy quilt top on design wall

Simple squares looking a bit messy on my design wall.

I’m excited about this one…

A quilting marathon later, all that’s left is the binding!

I'm excited about this one.

This will be my very first patterned binding. I’m not sure why. Somehow I’ve just never done one before!

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