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This and that…

After finishing the two pink and green baby quilts, I found myself with NO quilts going!! I was at a loss and a bit in shock… so I quickly fixed the problem by starting another one.  I’m about half way there on the blocks. They are super bold and colorful and I love them! I’m going to frame all of these with my usual white sashing.

Fun blocks

More Fun Blocks

And I had to make something that I’d see every day with a bit of the amazing Echino Nico fabric I got, so a new lap top sleeve was the answer! I’m going to get a little bit of happiness every time I use it.

Lap top sleeve

Boy do I love these cars.

Cars close up

A new place to sew!

Got my new sewing space all sorted out!

My new sewing area

I need to hang more pretty little things on the wall, but otherwise, it’s all set. I have a cutting table. Hurray!

And I get to look out these doors all day long. This is what I like about living in Los Angeles… it’s a big not so pretty city, but you can find calm green spaces to be in.

My view

Lastly, this is the first use of my design wall!

Pink & Green part two

Still need to buy felt that is all the same color but meanwhile I love it!! No more moving fabric around on the floor while I try to keep the cats off it. I can actually arrange and rearrange to my heart’s content!! And step back to gaze… I am oh so pleased about it.

And now, as I look at this photo, I see the need for some more rearranging! This is clearly the other half of the pink and green baby quilts for the twin girls. Decided to push out my usual love for squares and do something with triangles. Can’t go wrong with a fun zig zag quilt. Now to sew it all together…

A quick fix.

All quilting has been put on hold while my husband and I completely rearrange our house. This is not fun, but the major bonus is that now I’ll have my very own sewing room! And it’s a much sunnier room than I was previously sewing in. I’ll post photos once I’m feeling like it’s a bit more put together…

Meanwhile, I needed a sewing fix! I use an ironing board that folds up and down from a door, and I discovered that the new door it was on doesn’t stay put, making for an unacceptably wiggly ironing board. I instantly knew what the solution was!

Elizabeth at Oh, Fransson!’s great door stop tutorial! It’s a fun and quick project and works perfectly, as demonstrated by one of my cats:

Door stop in action

Door stop

A finished patio hang out!

Yesterday Cate (my twin sister who just bought a house) had her house warming party. I finished all of the pillows and cushions just in time! There is more work to be done on the patio in that the bare cement blocks will be covered and painted, but meanwhile, the sewing is done!


And after! MUCH prettier and cozier!



Patio close up

I used this tutorial for the side and bottom cushions and it worked perfectly! Considering the bottom cushion is about 9.5 ft x 3 ft, I put it to the test, and it passed with flying colors. The hardest part of the whole process was actually getting the foam in the huge pillow because I couldn’t find a zipper that was longer than 22 inches. But I managed and it all paid off! It’s a really cozy hang out now and it got loads of use at the party yesterday!

By the way – does anyone know what this fabric is called or who makes it?? The shop was no help and there’s nothing printed on the slevedge… it’s a mystery I’d love to solve!

Progress all around.

Getting started on the next baby quilt that will be half of a set for twin girls.

Beginnings of next baby quilt

Almost done with all of Cate’s patio pillows and cushions! So far so good but the huge cushion I will be tackling tomorrow… we’ll see!

Progress on Cate's patio pillows!

And I got this quilted! Just have to get the binding on now.

Birds & Blooms quilted

Feels great to be getting lots done!

Some patio fancy-ing

My twin sister, Cate, recently bought a very cute house about a mile away from me in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Silver Lake.

The house was built in 1926, and she is the second owner.  Needless to say, that doesn’t happen often in Los Angeles!

Renovations and improvements are under way and I’ve been assigned all sewing duties!  I’ll be making some curtains and throw pillows, but the biggest task is making a huge cushion to have on a built in bench that’s on the back patio.

I’m going to put this tutorial to the test, as the cushion will measure almost 9.5 feet by 3 feet!   I’m going to use this fabric – does anyone know who makes/designs it?  There’s nothing printed on the slevedge and I called the store where I bought it (Michael Levine’s in downtown Los Angeles) and they said that the tube didn’t have the info either… I’ll need to head down there again soon, so I’ll double check that, but meanwhile, anyone recognize it?  It also comes in an orange and yellow colorway, it’s 54″ wide and it’s got a canvas-y feel to it.  It’s truly beautiful!

Mystery Fabric

A simple tote

Just whipped up this tote that’s a gift for my sister who I’m off to visit in New Hampshire, where we all grew up.  She lives in Gabon, Africa so we don’t get to catch up in person that frequently and I’m very excited. I offered to make her a bag and she requested a tote.  Here it is!

Bird Tote

It measures about 12″ x 16″.  Hard to go wrong with this amazing Anna Marie Horner Drawing Room fabric!

And the inside, which I always use as an excuse to keep free motion quilting in, oh… every project I make!  I’m on a sewing supplies buying ban so I had to line the bag with scrap quilt batting (I’m all out of interfacing!) so why not quilt it?!?

Bird Tote - Inside

I hope she likes it!

I sometimes make bags too…

When I feel like making something that I know I’m going to finish in one or two sewing sessions, I tend to make purses.  I wish I had the courage to start making myself some clothes but it just isn’t calling me…  Hopefully some day.  A skirt or two – that’s what I need to start with!

Here are some of the bags I’ve made:

Spring Tote

And here are the results of my obsession with the wonderful Mail Sack Pattern from Pink Chalk Studio.  Kathy’s blog was one of the first that I stumbled across when I started discovering the crafty blog world and it has provided me with endless inspiration!

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