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The Long Beach Quilt Festival

I went down to the Quilt Festival in Long Beach on Saturday.


I had a great time, but I have to say… we modern quilters are just not in the least represented there. At least not in what’s for sale… 450 booths and I spotted ONE YARD of Heather Ross. IN THE WHOLE PLACE! And it was HUGE.


Forgive the lousy photo but you’re looking at a convention center full of fabric – with only one yard of Heather Ross mixed in.

What do you all think? Do they not know we exist? Do we not go to these events enough for it to be financially worth it to vendors who do sell our style of stuff? This is an interesting topic for me seeing as clearly we are the next generation of quilters. Why aren’t they trying to appeal to us more? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

But I shouldn’t complain because I still scored with the loot and had a blast digging through all the bins and bins and bins of fabric! I got a lot that I’ve never seen before. There are pros to being exposed to the enormous quilting world you don’t know (read: the non-internet based one!).  And there were deals to be had… prices varied a lot, but overall, after searching through the place forever, I found some beautiful stuff.

Fat quarters:

Loot from Long Beach Quilt Festival

Yup! A bit of Flea Market Fancy!

The half yard and up bits:


The red Mingle was the only colorway I didn’t have and wanted.  And while you would think the fabric crazed ladies would be fighting me for it at $7.00 a yard… nope!  That was one of the good things about no one else in the place having my taste!

And I mean lil’ cowboys?!? How could I not…


Aside from the frenzied fabric shopping, there were some really beautiful quilts on display. Mostly very traditional, but also some that weren’t at all. I apologize for these horrid photos but I just had my little not so great camera… I linked to the artist’s site if I could find one.


Castle Wall by Trudy Kleinstein. My close ups of this came out fuzzy (found one here) but every tiny little “stone” you see is appliqued on there!! Amazing!


Leaves of Grass by Betty Amador – One of the handful of improv. pieced quilts.


Hospital Rising by Ginny Eckley


Red Owls by Karen Peirce

Overall I had a great time, but it sure did make me feel like they don’t know that all of us modern quilters are out here… Here’s hopin’ that changes soon!


Red, White & Blue

That’s my kind of red, white and blue! Happy 4th to all you American readers. To everyone else, happy Saturday!

My sewing machine.

Sew, Mama, Sew! posted a little interview with me about my sewing machine.  Check it out!

Sewing Machine

I don’t have a fancy machine, but she’s served me right!

On pause.

That’s what this blog will be until later this month! I’m leaving town later today for a bit and I know there will be no sewing done meanwhile. Fabric shopping might be a different story… Something that there’s been no lack of around here recently.

Fabric pile

Even managed to nab one yard of the precious latest Heather Ross.


And while my friends and family know and love me, it’s only you, my bloggyland friends who really “get” my fabric cravings. Proof: In an astonishingly kind gesture, Amanda Jean put a little birthday gift in the mail to me.

VW Vans

Yes. That’s right. You are seeing what you are seeing. VW Vans!!! A fat quarter of each and I couldn’t have been more thrilled. I was all out and you all know just how hard it is to get your hands on this stuff these days! I’ve decided that I’m not cutting into until I’m making a baby quilt for MY baby. Who know when that will be, but the buses are going untouched until then! Thanks Amanda Jean!!

Meanwhile, I’m slowly, occasionally, adding a block to the wall.


Oh hi.

Block close up

Back in a couple of weeks…!

My favorite quilt.

Amy over at Park City Girl is having an online quilt festival.  What a fun idea, right?  Thought I would join in!

I am going to go ahead and stretch the boundaries and say that my favorite quilt that I’ve ever made is in my future!  It’s the next quilt.  And then the one after that!  I hope to always grow and change and push myself as a quilter, so my favorite quilt is still in my brain!

To me, it will be the perfect combination of these two quilts:

Flora & Fauna Quilt

Land & Sea Quilt

I’m in love with the wonkiness of the top blocks, but the colors of the bottom quilt.

Could it be that this is the beginning of my all time favorite quilt??

Block Beginnings

Even if this is the start of it, I hope that once it’s done, the next one I dream up becomes my new favorite quilt.  That way I’ll always love the quilts I’m working on!

Hope that you all have wonderful weekends! It’s my birthday tomorrow, so I have some sewing in the plans! What else would a girl want to do on her birthday?!?

A winner and a change…

First of all, thank you all so much for all of your amazing comments! 366 of you commented and I read every single one. You are all so kind! Your support is wonderful!

Ok – getting down to business! The random number generator gave me:

Picture 1

This means that Katie from Philigry is the winner! Katie, I’ll drop you an e-mail to get your mailing address.

And now, the change… These past hyper-productive quilting months have been wonderful, but I have also been unemployed. Happily, the unemployment has come to an end! I think that I’ve mentioned previously that for my “real job” I cast reality shows and I’ve landed a very lucky job. Project Runway! Tell your fashion designer friends! Tell your fashion blogger friends! Spread the word. We are looking for people to be on the show!

Meanwhile, I’m not going to be able to think about quilting nearly as much. I’m really going to try to keep posting regularly here, but I’m sure you’ll hear less from me. I’ve been sewing every day to have so much to blog about. Oh how I will miss my sewing machine!

In other news, I’ve finished the last of this pattern. Don’t need to make this one again for awhile. I still think it’s super cute, but five is enough for now!!

The Last Squares in Squares QuiltThe Last Squares in Squares Quilt - Back

The Last Squares in Squares Quilt - detail

The Last Squares in Squares Quilt - back detail

Happy Monday to all of you!

Time for a visit with orange.

So I made a pillow…

Wonky Log Cabin Pillow SleeveWonky Log Cabin Pillow Sleeve

…and stitched an orange binding!

Square in Squares Gender Neutral Baby QuiltSquare in Squares Gender Neutral Baby Quilt

I don’t think it will stop being my favorite color for a very long time.  If you’d like some orange, both of these are for sale in my shop!

Mystery solved?

Thank you all so much for all of your wonderful comments on the sewing notions that my mother passed along to me.  They were all so nice!

Mystery tool

Consensus on the mystery tool, in the photo above, seems to be that it’s either a turning point or a finger press. Based on the fact that it has a point, but not a sharp one, and that the rectangle on the end is shaped in a way that seems like you should hold it there, I’m leaning towards the turning point. Though perhaps it was meant for many purposes! Anyhow, I’m happy to have it, along with all of the other wonderful tools.

Meanwhile, one more finished Square in Squares Baby Boy quilt! This one is already accounted for and being mailed off today!

Another Square in Squares Baby Boy quilt!

Only two more to finish up and then I’m not going to make this pattern for awhile. I’ve had my fill!

Another Square in Squares Baby Boy quilt!

These little guys sure are cute though.

Another Square in Squares Baby Boy quilt!
Another Square in Squares Baby Boy quilt!

Hope that you have lovely weekends filled with sewing! I’ve not been able to be in the sewing room much this week with my mother’s visit so I’m excited to get back at it. Oh and by the way yes, she did love her quilt!

My sewing roots.

My mother is visiting right now and brought me a wonderful gift.  Let me explain…

When my great-aunt (on my father’s side) learned that my mother loved to sew, she was thrilled.  She had someone to whom she could give all of the many sewing notions from the family.  So many wonderful tools and items!  Now that I too have picked up the needle and thread, my mother has passed these things along to me.  Needless to say it’s so wonderful to have things that physically attach me to my sewing roots.  Just have a look… so much stuff!


Look at all of these wonderful old wooden bobbins.  The colors of the thread are still so bright and vibrant!


Can you read that? Yes. It says “Pure Silk” for 15 cents!


Needles in wonderful holders!!


Needle BoxNeedleBox2

The prettiest embroidery scissors:


An old pin cushion made from a Chinese child’s shoe.


And finally, a beautiful gold thimble still with it’s original case. My mother told me that when she was given this, I was two years old and immediately grabbed it from her and loved it. How wonderful that I now have it!


I am going to use all of this stuff! Well, the stuff that I can use… Not only do I remember my mother using it when I was growing up, but it’s amazing to know it reaches much further back into my family’s history.

Oh! And a question for all of you… there is one mystery tool in the bunch. Anyone know what you would use this wooden tool for?

Mystery tool

Taking the plunge…

Simple Solid Bindings

I’ve opened an etsy shop.  Only these couple of quilts in there for now, but more will be listed  the next week or so!

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