and coins and coins!  Keeping busy getting started on some very simple stacked coin quilts.  I’m going to make two at once… One for a boy and one for a girl.


I love working with so many fun, bright and bold fabrics! It makes me happy.

Coins close up

And a gratuitous cat photo just ’cause.  She is as tiny as she looks.  I lucked out and got a perma-kitten.


Hope that you all have wonderful weekends!

21 thoughts on “Coins”

  1. The quilts look super! But the kitty picture is the best – she is adorable! I absolutely love cats but I’m allergic to them. I keep wondering why couldn’t I have been allergic to frogs or something like that. . . ?

  2. This is a great post! So many things to make you feel happy. Cute fabric and a cute kitten.

    Hold out for the fish to arrive! They are on the way and would fit right into that quilt.

  3. I love coin quilts! Those fabrics are quite cheerful.

    My sister and I have a “perma-kitten” (cute word!) as well. His brother is, well, panther-like. The little one is noticeably smaller and considerably lighter. But he holds his own when they wrestle or chase each other. Also, I am a sucker for a cat on fabric!

  4. Your coins are looking great! I think this is a perfect pattern to do with lots of fun and different prints. I had to let loose when picking out the fabrics for my coin quilt, and I am glad I did! :)

    Very cute!

  5. love the coins and my son had a cat that just passed away and it was that tiny and it was already 15yrs. old we never could understand why it never grew…not even the doc had a clue.

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