Improv. class.

I always laugh at the idea of teaching an improv. class. Here in LA where so many people are actors, that usually means some semi funny off the cuff sketch comedy. But not for me! For me it’s all about quilting!

Taught the class at The Urban Craft Center these past two Sundays and it was so much fun. Forgive the lousy Iphone photos.

Lauren and Jane busy working away at blocks…


And check out their great results!



and Lauren’s:


And J made a super cute apron using one of her blocks!


I swear I’ve been actually getting some sewing done between the teaching/guild meetings/Block Party-ing and so on. But not that much! Hope to have some real time this week.

Happy Monday to you all!

10 thoughts on “Improv. class.

  1. CitricSugar

    I do improv comedy and have done for almost half my life. I have no problems getting up on a stage and making a complete fool of myself OR killing my audience with my astounding wit. However, quilting makes me feel I need to plan, plan, plan…. I would love to be able to do more improvising with fabric. It looks like you’re one heck of a teacher!

  2. Cristin

    Aw looks like fun!!! You guys are so lucky to have real people to hang out with that LOVE quilting! I seem to be a freak of nature in my circle of friends :-)

  3. Cheryl Arkison

    I taught my improv class last week (and again this week) too. What a great experience – for me and the students. It gave me so many other ideas for ways to run workshops.
    And for teh notion of making a quilt like an improv comedy show – with the audience shouting out suggestions and running with it!

  4. sew katie did

    I love it when I get the student that can’t stop saying how much fun they are having. I’ve talked with Cheryl up there a bit about teaching Improv, but would Love to talk on my next trip through LA in the Spring.


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