It’s a quilter’s miracle!

I seem to have actually managed to train the cats to stay off of the quilts while I’m working on them!


Those of you with cats understand what a feat this is.

It’s a whole different story with these two…but they are allowed on this one!


14 thoughts on “It’s a quilter’s miracle!”

  1. Ha! Now you have to give up your secret of how you managed THAT feat! Mine is impossible (cat – Lacey). I DO have my dog trained pretty well, though, although she doesn’t like staying off one bit and waits impatiently for me to get the stuff up off the floor out of her way! That quilt that your cute pugs are on looks very pretty!

  2. haha! a miracle indeed! my cat treats every quilt like it’s something i’ve made just for her.

    one thing that’s helped is a little cat mat that i made and put next to my sewing machine. it’s just basically a mini-quilt (or over-sized potholder) and i put her on there when she tries to climb on whatever i’m making. it seems to keep her entertained for a bit, but then she’s always back to climbing all over m!

  3. That is quite a feat! I don’t have cats, but I do have a pug that wants to sit on my lap whenever I’m at the sewing machine. She’s a bit peaved when I’m standing to cut fabric, but does stay off the table. Once I lay finished pieces on the bed, though, she’s all for doing her sniff inspection and comfort test!

  4. You must share you secret. I get so frustrated when I’m trying to quilt, and cat #1 decides to lay on my quilt. I move cat #1, and cat #2 takes over. Sometimes, I can distract them with a soft cozy fleece blanket, especially if it is on top of a pillow.

  5. You know they were just waiting for you to turn your back before they snuggled in on the quilts. That’s what mine have learned to do. Pets love quilts almost more than people do…

  6. he he he :) would it be a bad thing if I admitted that one of the reasons why I love your blog (and started following it) was because of cute photos of pugs on quilts??? :) I have my WHOLE LIFE wanted a pug (“Pug” has be front and centre on every birthday/christmas wish list since I was about 5!)

  7. I need to know the secret to this. When I am working there’s one cat on the back of my chair, one cat on my feet, and one cat on the piece I’m working on! And I agree with Pioneer Valley Girl I can’t close the door because then I listen to them scratch on it!

  8. Oh my goodness, what an amazing furry family you have! They are so lovely!!! My cats are as addicted to fabric as I am, I think they just caught on how excited I get to be around fabric, and now they are too!
    I love to have them around. It’s a little exasperating when I’m cutting fabric or basting it, but when I’m at the machine they just stay there loking at me and when I’m hand binding they’ll just get under the quilt on my lap and snooze away :)

    Congrats on the cuties.

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