And finished!

I know you all just saw this quilt top – but it’s now finished!

Neutrals Quilt

I ended up binding it in black (this is my first use of black in a quilt ever) and I’m really happy with the outcome.

Neutrals detail

And of course I did another of my usual pieced backs:

Neutrals Back

I really enjoyed working in all neutrals, but now back to color!!

What to do

when you’re completely swamped with sewing obligations??

New baby quilt

Start a brand new baby quilt of course!! Happy Monday everyone!

Neutrals – lots of neutrals!

Finished up a quilt top that’s a commission. A version of this quilt in all neutrals was requested. It was a stretch for me because I usually use so much color but I am happy with the outcome!



The commission was for April, who’s blog is Regretsy. Have you ever checked out that blog?? There’s some stuff on there that you cannot believe actually exists. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Continued Success!

That’s what we’re having with the MQG!  Another great meeting of the Los Angeles branch on Monday night.  We were lucky enough to have Ashley, from Film in the Fridge visit us and it was great to meet her.  Ashley and I have been bloggy friends for a couple of years now so it was really wonderful to chit chat in person!


Our show & tells are always fun, but this time around there was a really amazing quilt shown. Eliza bought this quilt on ebay and if you look closely (you can click through to flickr to see it bigger) it’s ALL little yoyos! Seriously so, so beautiful. She bought it from someone in Louisiana who was an African-American quilt collector. That’s all that she knows about it, but she is so lucky to own it! The quilter who made this would be so happy to know how loved her amazing quilt is.


Lots more photos of the meeting (all taken by Emily) here!

Latest addiction.

Little Hexes

I love keeping my hands busy with these little hexes! Something so cute about each one and the little bundle they create with their little paper inside.  They sure do make it easy to cut into the precious scraps.

Little Hexes

Not going to think long term at all about this project. Who knows what these will become or when it will be finished. Just enjoying that they give me a sense of accomplishment while I watch a couple of hours of tv in the evenings.

Off topic -  I wanted to mention because some of you asked, the Purl Soho warehouse is in Tustin in Orange County and it’s open to the public. Location and number found here!

Bees & Dogs.

And no – they don’t have anything to do with each other!

Got some bee blocks done recently:

For Linda and 12Squared:

12Squared - Feb.

And for John and Bee Imaginative.

Bee Imaginative blocks for John

And to wrap up, you’ve all met my cats before, but not my dogs.  I was able to snap a particularly good photo of them this weekend, so I thought I’d put it here to add some cuteness to your day. Happy Monday!

Otto & Maggie

Purl warehouse


Jamie, Jane, Liz, Terri and I all took a little outing yesterday to the Purl Soho warehouse.  Their stores might be in NYC, but the warehouse is out here in sunny California.  We had to make a trek down to Orange County, but it was worth it!


So much great fabric all in one place!!


I managed to show incredible restraint and bought only one yard of some Cake Rock Beach dots.  But in the future, when the bank account is a little bit better off, I’ll be going back.  Everything they have on their site, only in person and with no shipping cost?? Yes please!


I’m feeling crazy busy these days.  A tad too busy, but when it’s all quilting all the time that’s keeping you that way, how can you complain??

A quick little class sample for an Improv. class that I’ll be teaching at Common Threads Studio in Pasadena.

Class Sample

And why am I currently so obsessed with the color combo of gray and raspberry?? I can’t get enough!

Class Sample detail

Ok back to the sewing machine I go!


You know what’s fun about Valentine’s sewing? Being able to completely indulge in the girly pink of it all!


A mini quilt I made for last night’s LA Modern Quilt Guild meeting. We had a Valentine Swap and it was a blast!

Valentine details

I had fun using one of my (almost never used) decorative stitches on this…

Otherwise, my post answering the question “What does modern quilting mean to me?” is up over on the guild’s blog. Go check it out and maybe you’d like to chime in on the conversation too?

Modern Quilt Guild blog meme

What does modern quilting mean to me?   That’s the question we’ll be answering this week over on the Modern Quilt Guild blog.


It’s not easy to define just  what modern quilting is so we hope that lots of you will join in the conversation!  Check it out over here!


Modern Minimal

Block Party

I’m a member of the MQG!


I sew on a Janome Horizon Memory Craft 8900 QCP


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