My mother is in town for Thanksgiving and with her she brought me something really special.

Haight Family Quilt top

A quilt top from my family.  Though my mother had it, it is from my father’s side of the family.  My great aunt didn’t know who had made it (she though her grandmother or great aunt), so it’s from many generations ago. Apparently there are more and I’m going to be getting them over time.  Needless to say, with the role quilting plays in my life, this is incredibly meaningful for me.

See those half blocks along one edge of it?  Anyone know exactly what those are for?  My mother was saying she thinks it had to do with how the quilt would be arranged with pillows on a bed.

It’s got some really great fabrics in it.

Great fabrics

And it needs a little bit of repair.

Needs some repair

I think that repairing and then finishing this quilt is a project I’m going to tackle. If anyone has done anything like this before, please let me know any tips or tricks you have.  I’ve never quilted anything by hand before, but I think this is the project that will make me do it.  It’s so wonderful to think that I’ll sit and handstitch this project just like my family did before me.

Hope that you all have wonderful Thanksgivings!!  I’m so thankful for all of you and all this blog has brought me so thank you!!

24 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. beth

    what a great quilt! wow! take your time hand quilting and use wool, hobbs 80/20, or thin polyester…not warm and natural. Don’t worry about how big the stitches are…just try to make them about the same size and HAVE FUN!

  2. Audrie

    Such an amazing heirloom!! I need to learn to repair quilts too… someone just asked me if I’d rescue her quilt and I want to help her out since the quilt was from her late MIL.

  3. Ashley

    The half-blocks were to indicate the top of the quilt, so you wouldn’t accidentally put what had been on your feet up by your face!

  4. Jeanne White

    This is so beautiful and so special. I have a quilt top my grandmother pieced and I hope to hand quilt it soon…maybe in 2010. May you enjoy every stitch you put into this quilt.

  5. Catherine

    What a wonderful gift to get your families quilts. I have handquilted most of my quilts and do love the look it gives. I agree with Andi that it would be a good idea to get someone with experience to show you the technique. Don’t worry about the size of your stitches just try and get them the same size. Thimbles and a decent size hoop are a must. I have just posted about my latest hand quilted quilt here. Enjoy the process and have fun.

  6. Melissa

    Sweet!! :o)
    When my grandmother passed away, I inherited her unfinished quilt tops, too…but none were as close to finished as this one! I absolutely LOVE the history in them, as all the fabrics are my grandfather’s old shirts and grandma’s old dresses. They are in desperate need of repair, though, and I’m afraid my hands are just not good enough to make it happen. :-(
    Please chronicle your journey, though…maybe it’ll give me hope. :o)

  7. Lauren Hawley

    Oh, yay, Alissa! I know you hoping that was your surprise. It’s beautiful. Those half blocks are interesting. Let us know if you find out any thing else about them. Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Corky

    Wow! Lucky you. What a treasure. While you are repairing it, make a label, tell the story so far as you know it – that will keep the history going from here on out. BTW – I think your mom is right, the half blocks probably went on the pillows.

  9. paula

    I believe the 1/2 blocks are for how the pillows are folded under the quilt. If you place the quilt on the bed and fold the top back, place the pillows against the headboard partly over the folded edge of the quilt, and then flip the folded part up and over the top of the pillows. The 1/2 blocks should be centered along the center of the pillows, creating a pretty design ! My great grandmother was a quilter and my mom had all of her quilts. I love taking them out and looking at them when I visit my mom and am excited that one day some of them will pass down to me! Enjoy this treasure and Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. Kristan

    You are one lucky girl! If you don’t want to quilt it, or are looking for great instruction – take it to your local senior center or retirement community. Just be prepared…those knowledgeable ladies will talk your ear off! (Which is most fun of all!)


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