Whip Up Mini Quilts

Today’s the day that I’m part of the Whip Up Mini Quilt book blog tour! Hurray!


It’s such a great book. It starts with a very thorough run down of quilting – how to and loads of tips and tricks. All the info you need in one place. Then you get to the quilts… oh the mini quilts!




That last one there was made by Liz, a member of my guild, the LAMQG. In an aligning of the mini quilt stars, we had a mini quilt swap at our meeting last night.

Mini quilts are so wonderful because you can try something new or whimsical or out of your comfort zone, on a small scale.  You can take a risk or two that you wouldn’t dare take on a huge project that takes you ages to make.

Check out some of the great quilts from last night with their happy recipients…

Kelly Terri Jamie
Quilts made by Latifah,                 Emily,                                                                  and Lori

That last one deserves a zoom in…

On the To Do list?

Zoom In

“Buy more fabric” – so clever!

Whip Up Mini Quilts divides the many included patterns up into different categories.

I think the one I made fits nicely into…Geometric!



My Mini Quilt

Mini quilts are great because you don’t have to concern yourself with the functionality of making a quilt – you’re just having fun with an artistic expression.  The book  captures that so wonderfully, providing such a great mix of practical information and pure inspiration.

Do you want a copy of this fantastic book? Just comment here and tell me your favorite thing about mini quilts! I’ll post a winner on Wednesday!

Here’s the run down of the whole blog tour!

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6/2 - Crafty Pod – book review & giveaway
6/3 - Chronicle Books – Behind the making of the book
6/4 – Indie Fixx – Designing your own mini-quilts
6/7 – Craft Sanity – Piped binding tutorial
6/8 – Handmade by Alissa
6/9 – My Love for You Background on Mini Quilts
6/10 - Film in the Fridge
6/11 - The Haystack Needle Decorating with mini quilts
6/12 – West Coast Crafty

Oh and P.S. … guess what I spotted in the book’s crafty blog resources list?


I was completely surprised by this and didn’t know about it until I was flipping through the book.  Truly made my day!

128 Responses to “Whip Up Mini Quilts”

  1. Jackie June 8, 2010 at 4:22 am #

    What a fantastic book! You know I had seen it somewhere, it escapes me now, but I was very intrigued by the whole concept. It looks like a great way to get inspired to make smaller quilts for that quick gratification. I think that is what I like best about the book. But I also like the fact that it is spiral bound so it lays flat. Congrats on the shout out in the back!

  2. Jennifer June 8, 2010 at 4:32 am #

    I love mini quilts because, like you said, they are prime for experimentation. Right now I’m interested in super super mini quilts. My friend and I just made one together that was 4.5×4.5″. I’d like to continue experimenting in tiny sizes…

  3. Stella June 8, 2010 at 4:33 am #

    I love the geometric quilt!

  4. Tricia June 8, 2010 at 4:35 am #

    Mini quilts are ones that have a better chance of being completed! I also love decorating with them; they can warm up smaller places. Good for you for being included in the book! Love the pictures from your mini quilt swap. Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Bellgirl June 8, 2010 at 4:42 am #

    What’s great about the mini-quilts book is that a new quilter like me can learn a host of quilting techniques through making small-scale projects, and they look great displayed as a group. I’ve drooled over it at the Melbourne Stitches and Craft Show!

  6. Debbie - Esch House Quilts June 8, 2010 at 4:50 am #

    My brain seems to think in 80″ square quilts. I NEED this book to shrink in down some! Mini quilts look like a lot of fun.

  7. Melissa H. June 8, 2010 at 4:56 am #

    I’ve never done a mini quilt before, but you’re right, it would be great to try out new patterns and techniques without committing to a huge quilt. Looks like a great book!

  8. Michelle kumar June 8, 2010 at 5:07 am #

    That’s a great surprise to see your blog in print, congrats!

    Thus is defnitely being added to my growing list of books I need!

  9. Tara June 8, 2010 at 5:09 am #

    what’s great about mini quilts is that they’re quick (well, sometimes) and always adorable!

  10. Kristy June 8, 2010 at 5:24 am #

    My favourite thing is exactly what you were saying about being able to try out new things. And I love the quilts for the swap, they are great!

  11. Melissa R. June 8, 2010 at 5:25 am #

    I think my favorite thing about mini quilts is the low risk-factor with new techniques. And also that they are fairly easy to complete.
    Everyone’s quilts were so creative and fun last night! :)

  12. Tong June 8, 2010 at 5:34 am #

    Mini quilts are so versatile, and so quick to whip up, not to mention that you can try new and fun designs without having to commit too much time. Thanks for the chance!

  13. amanda June 8, 2010 at 5:41 am #

    That looks like an amazing book! I hadn’t seen photos of the inside before. My favorite thing about mini quilts is that they’re a quick way to spruce up a wall space. I have yet to actually do so myself, though!

  14. Katie June 8, 2010 at 5:41 am #

    I like that they’re perfect for baby dolls!

  15. kate C. June 8, 2010 at 6:00 am #

    The thing I like most about mini-quilts is that I can (usually) finish one without getting distracted by another project or just life in general! (So far large quilts have taken me years and years to finish… or still aren’t finished.)

  16. Maggie June 8, 2010 at 6:04 am #

    My favorite thing about mini quilts is that I don’t have the stamina for a big quilt, so it is a great, fast project. I also love that you can get super creative.

  17. kaelin June 8, 2010 at 6:08 am #

    bravo on the mention in her book! how exciting is that?! my favorite thing about mini quilts is that you can easily use them to decorate your walls instead of framed pictures. everyone has pictures on their walls, but how many people have awesome mini quilts to decorate with? not many. :)

  18. Jacque June 8, 2010 at 6:10 am #

    I have only ventured into one mini quilt.. am anxious to try more and this book is the inspiration needed.

    Thanks for an opportunity to win.

  19. 2hippos June 8, 2010 at 6:14 am #

    This looks awesome and I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy….via this giveaway or some other method (library perhaps?). Thanks for the chance to win :)

  20. Lucette June 8, 2010 at 6:20 am #

    The little quilts you featured are whimsical and playfull and this really appeals to me. Thanks for this giveaway of a fantastic book.

  21. Ellen Ban June 8, 2010 at 6:23 am #

    Mini quilts are great because….they get finished!!!

  22. Julie W. June 8, 2010 at 6:30 am #

    Beautiful quilts!! I’ve never made mini quilts, but will have to give it a try one of these days. I’d like to learn to stipple, so this would be a great way to learn!

  23. Chandra June 8, 2010 at 6:50 am #

    I’ve never made a mini quilt but they look like fun! And I love that they are not a huge commitment either. :)

  24. Simone June 8, 2010 at 6:58 am #

    I love mini quilts for practicing new technigues for quilt tops and that I can do my own machine quilting on them. My daughter loves them for her dolls!

  25. Jeni June 8, 2010 at 7:02 am #

    Ooo, I like this. Mini quilts are so fun bc you can try out a new pattern without over-committing!

  26. Virginia June 8, 2010 at 7:02 am #

    I love the fact that mini quilts don’t take too much fabric, and that they’re a great way for a beginner like me to learn some more techniques without getting overwhelmed by the size!

  27. Sharon June 8, 2010 at 7:06 am #

    I’ve never made any sort of quilt, but my favorite cousin is having a baby girl this summer. I need to make her something special (eventually), and mini quilts will help me learn the methods without the resource commitment of a full-sized project.

  28. Teresa June 8, 2010 at 7:30 am #

    I can’t believe I nearlly missed the bit about winning a copy of this book. I was so busy gazing at the sweet little quilts in the photos. What I love about mini quilts because they are a great way to practice new methods and designs. I’d love to make one and alwasys have little designs in my head that never make it out!
    Teresa x

  29. nettie peterson June 8, 2010 at 7:38 am #

    what a lovely book! i love mini’s because I can start and finish in one day! sometimes you need that fix!

  30. Audrie June 8, 2010 at 7:42 am #

    Awesome book! That To-Do list one is just hilarious!!

    Minis are great because you can finish them super quick and they can be hung up to be enjoyed instead of folded and squirreled away like most quilts.

  31. Necia June 8, 2010 at 7:44 am #

    Mini quilts to me would probably be great for me, because Ive yet to quilt a top. For some reason I am TOTALLY OVERWHELMED with the idea of possibly ruining a totally perfect top that Ive pieced together, and by now I have quite a few waiting to be quilted. This book definitely appears to be one I should check out.

  32. Megan June 8, 2010 at 7:49 am #

    What a great little book! I’ve been thinking about doing some mini-quilts lately for just those reasons you mention: you can try out new techniques and ideas without the major commitment of a full-size quilt. Plus, it’s a great way to use up scraps (not that I have any of those lying around).

  33. Audrey June 8, 2010 at 8:14 am #

    This looks like a really neat book, and congratulations on having you blog lilsted! That is really neat.

  34. Lindsay June 8, 2010 at 8:34 am #

    I love that you can try different quilting techniques that you wouldn’t on a big project and you still have a cute finished project!
    Fun book!

  35. Rita June 8, 2010 at 8:37 am #

    I love the limitless possibilities in a limited space.

  36. Ginger June 8, 2010 at 8:39 am #

    I love mini quilts because I think it is fun to make things on a small scale. Plus, since I don’t make true miniatures, I often finish them more quickly than a larger quilt.

  37. Alisa June 8, 2010 at 8:54 am #

    Mini quilts gives you the opportunity to try a few new blocks or styles without having to complete anything in large numbers. Gives me the motivation to start something new and try new fabrics together. :)

  38. Jo Ann June 8, 2010 at 9:02 am #

    These mini quilts are great; I’d love to win this one

  39. John June 8, 2010 at 9:06 am #

    I love mini quilts because they are quick start-to-finish projects and you can more easily experiment with new techniques, ideas, and fabrics. Thanks for hosting this great giveaway!

  40. Wendy D. P. June 8, 2010 at 9:20 am #

    So fun! I love mini quilts because of the instant gratification – so quick and fun, so there’s no time to get bogged down in certain steps!

  41. DianeY June 8, 2010 at 9:27 am #

    I’ve never made a mini-quilt, but I can see that they would be a great way to experiment. Love the quilting you did on yours!

  42. Lisa M./New England June 8, 2010 at 9:37 am #

    Mini quilts are fascinating! And, you can finish them! I just picked up some patterns for 18″ cuties at a sewing show. Waiting until I finish some much larger UFO’s before I start. And so it goes….

  43. rosamaria June 8, 2010 at 9:37 am #

    mini quilts are so great because you can make them so fast! and always looks amazing on any wall!
    love your geometric mini quilt!
    many thanks for the chance, the book looks amazing!

  44. Andy June 8, 2010 at 9:38 am #

    Things in miniature = adorable!

    They can also be an opportunity to use designs that just don’t translate/read well in large scale.

  45. Teresa p June 8, 2010 at 9:43 am #

    My favorite thing is that they are little works of art. I have Liz’s mini quilt she made for the Valentine’s swap pinned to my design wall. It’s super inspiring. I’m bummed I missed the meeting last night, but I was so exhausted from the trip back from Squam. It looks like it was fun!

  46. Asiyah June 8, 2010 at 9:53 am #

    Oooh, please do enter me. I would love to have that book.

    BTW…what does that little post it on the To Do List quilt say? I can’t zoom in on it since your Flickr page is private.

    All in all, great quilts. Thanks for sharing and for the giveaway!

  47. Amy June 8, 2010 at 9:54 am #

    It looks like a great book! I am loving mini quilts at the moment.

  48. bruinbr June 8, 2010 at 9:55 am #

    This book looks fantastic! I love mini quilts because they seem a lot more approachable than the larger full sized versions. I’m relatively new to quilting and so mini quilts sound like the perfect starting point! THanks for the giveaway!

  49. Anamaria June 8, 2010 at 10:02 am #

    I´m beggining with mini quilts, but y think that is good way to to do lots of quilts

  50. Melissa P June 8, 2010 at 10:17 am #

    My favorite part of mini quilts is that you can try new techniques on a small scale… plus they come together quickly, so you have almost instant gratification.


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